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Do not rub them the hard way. Luckily, once the anger passes, Sagittarius will usually apologize for their outburst. The best part about an angry Sagittarian is that no matter how angry or mean they get, they will soon realize their mistake and apologize profusely - of course this is no justification for their bad behavior, so you need to tell them, in no unclear terms that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. Aim to mellow them down as soon as they get angry for their own good and yours!

Capricorn December 22 — January 19 :. Capricorns are usually rational and down-to-earth people. They will endure a lot of things and they will keep it all in. The worst part of a Capricorn who is angry is that they seldom lose their temper and this is very dangerous, since all hell breaks loose when they do! When they are mad they will talk back to anyone in a condescending way and they will say anything and everything to insult that person. Their words really do hurt. Also, they will release their anger on the first person they see.

Anger is easily this zodiac sign's biggest weakness. Mostly, Capricorns are very collected and responsible. The only thing you need to do is to help them manage their anger in a more constructive way - all they need to do is to redirect their negative energies somewhere else. Help a Capri manage his or her anger by talking to him or making him join a meditation class. Its true about capricorn because when i get angry i will say words that i know that would literally hurt my enemy.

And when I get mad I still have my genuine smile on my face so you never know until I do something plus I always smile even when I cry especially when someone looks at me IDKW! I am a Cancer and this was pretty spot on. Just ask my ex lol. People literally back away from me when they notice im mad. No matter how much you try to be more optimistic , the more you start seeing the world in grey shapes. All these good words put together makes up a monster which is , the capricorn. This is so accurate. And hell does break loose.

This will help friends if they ever anger me. I am virgo devoted lovers, venus in virgo will care for you like no other. The same thing happens, each one is the one who decides and forges his way if the need to be trusting in the zodiacal sign. I must not be the typical Virgo.

Hi, I am a Virgo, My husband is a Taurus, and since I, Virgo gets myself easily, and I talk too much, my husband hates and it and when he gets mad, its nuclear.

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I was really speechless when she yelled at me for the first time. She is detached, but she has many friends, and she barely get mad.

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My 2nd child is a Cancer. He is social, but also moody, and he actually gets mad a lot. I have 2 other daughters and they are Aquarians. My youngest daughter is an Aries, and she throws a tantrum. I do not think this is true. My experience ,confirmed by many articles by astrologers,is that Scorpio and Aries are the most fiery and can be violent,very,very intense and difficult to live and have a relationship with. They are also controlling,competitive,jealous and have to have the last word. Scorpio is ruthlessly vindictive on top an can lie to get revenge and hurt someone. Haha, funny. I am cancer and would say, that I never achieved the level of anger, which you describe here.

I am curious, if this will ever happen.

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Till now I am more the calm, sensitive cancer, like the zodiac is described everywhere. Shopping Cart. My Account. Welcome to ZodiacThing. Login Create Account. Taurus April 20 to May 20 : The sun sign Taurus has a bull that represents it, so no brownie points for guessing how angry can Taurus get. Cancer Zodiac June 22 to July 22 : Do not assume this maternal sign is gentle with anger, after all the crab has a painful pinch.

Aries March 21 to April 19 : When an Aries is Angry basically everyone around them will know about it. Leo July 23 to August 22 : Leos are dramatic and dominant. Scorpio October 23 to November 21 : Although Scorpions are calm and composed most of the time, they have the habit of holding grudges, sometimes for years!

Sagittarius November 22 — December 21 : A Sagittarian is a time bomb. Capricorn December 22 — January 19 : Capricorns are usually rational and down-to-earth people.

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