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And, of course, pure gold. Virgo: August 23 — September 22 shares Mercury with Gemini as a ruling planet, but being an earth sign, your stones are the earthy shades of tourmaline, peridot, beryl, also deeper amber, moss agate, rutilated quartz, sardonyx.

Are you dressing for your star sign? Shelley Von Strunckel tells us how

Also malachite, dioptaise and obsidian. Scorpio: October 23 — November 21 Until , when its current ruling planet, Pluto, was discovered, Scorpio was ruled by fiery Mars, however, being a sign of autumn, and reflective by nature, opt for deeper, darker shades: rich, reflective reds, cherry amber, deepening into velvety maroon rubies or garnets.

Capricorn: December 21 — January 19 The distant, once-mysterious, ringed planet, Saturn, has long provoked respect. Thus, Capricorns' gems and minerals are as deep, forceful and often mysterious as your nature. Think black tourmaline, black and rare grey diamonds, onyx and smoky quartz, and deeper turquoise. Aquarius: January 20 — February 17 is ruled by the rainbow-coloured Uranus, your cleverness is a signature trait.


Thus, your gems are luminous: aquamarine, pale onyx, fluorite, blue celestite and obsidian, and especially those that reflect a rainbow of shades. Pisces: February 18 — March 19 Neptune, god of the ocean, rules idealistic, sympathetic Pisces. Thus, your stones are shades of the sea: light greens, blues, pale amethysts, rare pastel pearls, and those tourmalines that seem to capture the ocean, aquamarine.

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Vogue Shops. British Vogue. Edition Britain Chevron. He claims that his website receives 5,, hits a month and that his e-mail subscriber list exceeds a total of , members. Background: A born salesman who used to help his father flog furniture in Finchley, the enigmatic Justin studied at London's Faculty of Astrological Studies. He claims to have more readers - 35 million - than Jonathan Cainer.

This gangling, reclusive bachelor never gives private readings. Background: He provokes huge peer-group jealousy as Britain's highest-earning columnist. Cainer's sometimes incomprehensible jottings have such a loyal fan base that he was enticed over four years from the Daily Mail to the Daily Express to the Mirror and back to the Mail. As well as his phone lines, this self-styled "unreconstructed hippie" has a website said to be the UK's fifth most popular site.

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Background: She was the person in whom Princess Diana confided during her final traumatic eight years. She has never milked this link but it allows her to launch daft projects such as the Astro Plan Diet. Debbie has a degree in American studies at Nottingham University and later attended the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Style: "Cheeky flirtations have more serious undertones - they could come from someone who's more compatible than you realise.

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Background: She is the youngest and only media astrologer to be a pure-bred Romany Gypsy. Claire left school at 15 to join the family fortune-telling booth on Brighton's Palace Pier. She met the publisher Richard Desmond in and became OK! As a cost-cutting exercise he briefly appointed her to be the Daily and Sunday Express clairvoyant as well.

This lively, divorced Brighton belle has two children but is now resolutely single "I'm more than one man can handle". Style: "Ruling planet Pluto is turned on by Venus, so you should end the weekend richer and more in love than you started it. Background: Her byline picture - shiny black hair, intense stare and high-collared red cloak - suggests a crystal-gazer on Southend Pier.

In fact, she is a Tory-voting Notting Hill resident without a broomstick or black hat in sight. Meg Lake aka Meg Markova is a former News of the World sub-editor and deputy editor of its colour magazine. She was raised in Manchester and learnt astrology from her Romany grandmother. She has stargazed for the NoW for 20 years and the Sun for five years. She has three racehorses in training and four mares at stud. Style: "Conflict in the skies over the weekend could make you wonder if a certain problem can be overcome.

Background: It's typical of the Torygraph that its astrologer should be an aristo, even if she is a retired hippy. Her baronet husband, Sir Mark Palmer, the Queen's former page of honour, spent years touring the West Country in a caravan. Lady P casts her horoscopes in an old farmhouse surrounded by horses and livestock. Her work eschews the materialism of her rivals, although she has her own 60p-a-minute Starlines. Style: "Full moons tend to trigger short-term craziness 'I shouldn't have tipped that drink over his head' and crystallize long-term problems. Background: From New Musical Express editor to Observer culture correspondent to broadsheet "astrologist" sic is a big leap.

Married with three children, he is the least commercial stargazer, with no phone lines, web presence or private consultations. His film musical, Bollywood Queen, almost won him independence from the journalistic grind. Style: "Don't make the mistake of thinking that, because previously tricky situations are suddenly going smoothly, you're in for a trouble-free run.

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Background: Yes, Shelley von Strunckel is her real Austrian name. She was born in California "but had an English nanny". Originally in fashion PR, Shelley has been a consulting astrologer for more than 25 years.

Shelley and the former Daily Mail astrologer Peter Watson both claim to be the chosen heir of legendary Patric Walker. She also works for London's Evening Standard and Vogue. This sassy, Marylebone-based, Lockheed executive's daughter moved here in and was briefly married to a barrister. Style: "Someone close is likely to become edgy, perhaps even tearful, under the influence of this week's full moon.

Bike-riding Watson lives near the Oval cricket ground and gives private consultations to celebs, politicians and royalty. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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