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Treasurer Calcutta 5. Lahiri, Sri N. Member Calcutta 6. Ayer, Sri V. Correspondence Courses are available for the students who live at distant places. Academic Session for admission in all such courses start in January and July every year. Correspondence Courses are offered at any time of the year. Students of any stream like Arts, Science or Commerce can easily for astrology admission.

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If you want to get Admission to Astrology course is done only on the merit basis. We provide Online Astrology Courses in India.

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In Astrology Diploma Course, Our staff primarily introduces the students about astrology science and horoscopes reading. Astrology course is considered for those students who have a great tendency in this era and desire to follow their career as leading astrologers and numerologists.

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Astrology Course Fees in India is not expensive. The course fee for Astrology is provided in average range in India.

We are one of the best institutes known for best astrology courses. All applicants would be called for an Interview for admission in Astrology Course. The admission would be depending on the basis of general intelligence, interest in the field. The selected candidates are granted for admission to the astrology courses. They also required submitting the complete fees of the course they applied.

We also hire freshers as well as professional for Astrology admissions.

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  • We provide the best Astrology course to the students. You can get admission online and learn Palmistry course from our experts.

    What our students say...

    We teach in the ancient tradition of 'Guru Shishya Parampara' where student learns directly from the teacher. This builds a connection of affection and care for the growth of the disciple. We invite the learners to learn astrology with logical and reasonable mind. Logical mind questions 'why'.

    Welcome to the Faculty of Astrological Studies

    These questions are important. Indian Palmistry Institute offers Online Classes that you can attend from the comfort of your own house. These courses are conducted face to face in a virtual class. We teach astrology and palmistry in a logical system where emphasis is always on developing an approach towards these ancient sciences.

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    We believe that astrology and palmistry are possible to practice in a scientific and verifiable manner and not in a mystique manner. Our online course is conducted twice a week at a gentle pace. Students are supposed to practice thoroughly what they learn in the class. We provide the continuous support for our students for solving their problems even after the course.