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Pre-Columbian cultures were inferior to the European civilisation in many many aspects. The Maya were not more advanced than Europeans - they were thousands of years behind and hadn't even reached the bronze age during Roman civ's dark age. When you consider that some of the ancient Gods of the Maya and Aztecs had beards on a beardless continent - it's likely their civilization and their astronomy was first created by early European mystics and explorers. They were likely well educated, exiled Egyptian priests that rode their snake boats into the land of the dead the setting sun or the west according to the Egyptian book of the dead and were received as Gods in the new world.

Mystery of the Maya

The Aztec God Quetzalcoatl was said to have a full beard and arrived on a raft of snakes from out the eastern ocean. The ancient Egyptians were originally Europeans and no other people has explored and brought civilization to as much of the world as Europeans always have. Marxists sure love to degrade and defame western civ any chance they get. Dont wish to be off topic, but Tamil first language in human history culture of south India is one of the oldest civilization in the planet. While Tamil is an old language, and recognized as a classical language by the Indian government.

It only dates back to about the 3rd century BCE. There are many other languages and written alphabets long before that time period. Sumerian was spoken and written thousands of years prior to Tamil's existence. Tamil, is however one of the oldest languages still spoken today, but it is far from the first. They thought the sun wouldn't come up if they didn't offer constant blood sacrifices to it.

Is that an advanced kind of thing? Am I missing something here?

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The 1st 23 mins talk about explorers. Pacal is mentioned only 2 times. Overall, Im left with more? The reptilian feather god bringer of Mayan astral advancement may have been a good god host and simply invited Mayans to the confines of the inner earth. I'm no expert but, as many as there was- they could not have went up. You have to question a reptilian who has compassion for humans, their interest in those people may have be one of sacrificial cattle or, perhaps not, the Mayans went and further evolved without us.

Maybe there is a group of reptiles who are- our companions, and are actively involved within certain private projects today. There is an excellent more recent doc on TDF detailing the work of Richard Gil who first postulated the theory no one believed because they were living in rain forests and others that proves this to be the most likely explanation.

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Confirmation came from a variety of sources including a seed found at just the right point in a lake core that dated the 'worst drought in the last years' to have occurred at just the same time the Mayan cities of Tikal and Palenque were abandoned and deserted in the 9th century. I am from Honduras. Most of what is in this video, we learned while in school. Numerology, Gods, precision techniques, arts, etc etc. Seemed kind of like an 'into to the maya' movie as far as info. I'll have to watch the video to delve deeper into the eurocentricism!

I'm obviously not happy with the way the description was written but i will give it a try. Your comment has no head nor tail of the actual topic that is being discussed. A guest. No offense but please do some research before u post something. Also whether NASA is or was using this knowledge to educate themselves about flying. Hello, am no scientists and ran into because i am Fascinated on acient texts and since looking into then i have found how the science of the battery as we know it today was in these anicent texts.

There is still so much of our world that has not been discovered.. To think that we are so head of our time i think that we are playing catch up. The are Monuments and old scriptures that with all the tech we have now still cant explain. I do have a fond belief that history if studied correctly and people having faith and always chanellging, and searching for answer to this worlds mistories we can come alot closer to having a brighter future.

Hi Federico , I have a similar interest on Ancient texts. Would be interested to discuss more about them. Good write-up i must claim in addition to appreciate it with the facts. Knowledge is really a sticky theme. Even so, is one of many foremost issues your time period. When i get pleasure from ones write-up in addition to count on far more. The writer is ignorant of Mr.

Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, who was the first person to fly an unmanned aircraft in early s. I am really disappointed to see that you engage with people who do not understand how science work. People are entitled to have their own opinion but not their own facts. I am disappointed because the tax payers money towards NASA has been wasted in explaining devotes that their is a difference between science and faith. Science needs evidence faith does not.

If indeed there were any advanced science in India in the past then intelligence must have declined for centuries for them to deteriorate to the extent that they invented aeroplanes millennia ago but can not sort out their traffic in 21st century. The intelligence, bravery , strength everything seem to have gone down over generations , 1st being ruled by Mughals then Brits. All the contributors should try to explain …what happened to all that development and why the decline.

May be for generations, inward looking, superstitious morons have been born. Thanks for your comment. Since this article was posted we have gone through a number of people as the admin on our site. The person who would have published this article and replied to all the comments is no longer in our organisation, but I can assure you that he did stick to science. The whole point of an organisation like ours is to talk to people who do not understand how science works. But there is more for that. Bharadwaja was an ancient scholar who is famous for medicinal and lot of other works.

You can search in Google or wiki on him and his books.

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  • So please correct the article that this Vimana shastra was not written years ago, this is DECODED years ago for some part and the current world is yet decoding the Sanskrit texts and Vedas for more knowledge. Just visit some few temples and maybe you will get enlightened.

    Dear Shri Saagar! Just because you are a scientist at ISRO, you cannot be non-scientific and keep imposing your ideas and faith on others.

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    If you are sure that your older generations were morons then, I could agree because how can I disagree with your assessment of your own family? My supposition is that, you have the scriptures on Astronomy and Advance Math Sulabh sutras and Aryabhatiya and others and advance Medicine in the form of Ayurveda and they are too scientific to be called as Myths. Please do not ever refer yourself from henceforth as a Scientist at such a respectable organisation. I have to ask, but did you become a scientist by practical knowledge or rote memorization? Because, for a true Scientist, ANY possibility, no matter how absurd, is always a probable avenue of exploration until each and every such avenue have been exhausted to the limit.

    By your single comment, you have managed to -Disgrace the term Scientist by abandoning the fundamental roots of the profession.

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    A Three point strike. Next time, i hope sir, that you would think about what you speak before you actually speak. Because what you know, what you are researching, what you hypothesize on…. Supposedly, someone in the future makes a discovery that makes what we are working on right now look like a blind dog barking up the wrong tree, then your statement above?

    It automatically also includes you in the list of Idiots and fools. Remember sir, No one is a fool. Nothing else.

    One who failed in his subjects. Yet i know my roots. I question some of our olden beliefs such as the practice of Sati and such as well, but i NEVER disrespect the people of old.

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    If someone had dismissed ZERO as a folk lore or ramblings of an idiot i mean come on, a number that has no value? As a last note, What happened to all of that knowledge and technology and development? You answered it yourself.